Pulse Student Ministries

We are Pulse. Our mission is to teach the students to read and apply the Word of God, build a solid relationship with God through prayer, serve others with compassion, and give out of obedience. We desire for each student to find the heartbeat of God and build their life upon it. To be grounded in their faith before they start their journey in life.

Our main event gathering is every Wednesday night at seven o’clock p.m. where we engage in authentic community with one another and God. This also occurs during our Sunday night Growth Group, which meets at six o’clock. Both take place on TCA’s campus in the Pulse building.

It is imperative for students in this day and age to BELONG; to have a place where they feel accepted. We strive to create an environment where students are comfortable to attend and challenged  to live out the truth of Scripture.


Embracing the Heartbeat of God.